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once upon a time there was
an ostrich and a Jew
and they inhabited
the same neighborhood

the Jew went about his business
working and divining with his god

the ostrich went about his business
ducking his head in the sand

one day the sheriff started
harassing the Jew
for no apparent reason

the ostrich observed this encounter
but since there did not seem to be
any physical harm
nothing to report so to speak
just some harmless name-calling
the ostrich stuck his head in the sand
a little longer that day

now the ostrich knew the Jew
as they had been neighbors
for many years
they had even broken bread together
on many occasions
they might even have been friends
as much as an ostrich and a jew
could be friends

but on this day the ostrich ostensibly
wondered if it was such a good idea
to be friends with the Jew
after all the sheriff would
not be harassing
his friend without reason

the next day the sheriff was back
and the verbal of yesterday
turned into some shoving an pushing
and blamed the Jew
for everything wrong in their little town

the ostrich pushed his head even deeper
into the sand

the day following
it seemed the Jew was missing
and no one in the neighborhood
knew where he had gone
the ostrich stuck his head
further into the sand
and stayed there for the rest
of the day


© 2024 LGjaffe


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