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The Amusement Park of Your Love

I paid my admission fair and square,

never knowing you would be there,

with ticket clutched in my strong hand,

saw your face, my feet turned quickly to sand.

I knew your eyes would be the ride of my life,

even having survived so much strife,

but when your lips bowed in gesture sublime,

I only hoped I would not run out of time.

For amusement park rides are notoriously scary,

my chartered map of you was not for the unwary,

but i wish to stake my life on this decree,

I must tell you — I love only thee.

There is certainly more to this story

our amusement park not mere allegory,

it is a time of dance and celebration,

I will kiss thee with much more elaboration.

So we come to the end of this line,

but for us it is the beginning of all time.

and although i think they came out fine

it is not at all easy to make these words rhyme


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