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Puttin Poetry in the Real World

I love putting poetry out into the real world. It is a privilege to do so. I thank all my friends and family and other associated beings for giving me the opportunity to create great poetic effects! Poetry is very dear to me, and I look forward to creating events and projects that help stimulate creative juices and very importantly create positive effects in the world.


Coffee & Poetry at Jack’s House

It is my privilege and honor to be the Poet in Residence in the Jack Kerouac House of St. Petersburg. We will be holding a monthly reading there on the third Sunday of each month. There are other planned activities on the horizon. Read More!

The World Needs More Poetry Project

Yes, sadly, the world is in such a state that it needs poetry more than ever. Poetry should not be confined to books, bars, coffeehouses, or academia. Poetry should be liberated, and it belongs to the people of earth and any aliens that happen to be listening. Thus, the World Needs More Poetry Projects was born! Individual poets print out their poetry on cards, postcards, index cards or even fliers. Back in the early days of my poetry life I called it the Billly Shakespeare project and printed out poems on fliers which I tucked under windshield wipers of cars. This was a bit anonymous, so in today’s version I simply hand out poems on index cards exclaiming the world needs more poetry and hand them the cards. The response has been fantastic, and people love getting poetry. They pin them up on bulletin boards or on their refrigerators. It’s been great fun! All poets are welcome to play this fun poetry game. Put poetry in everyone’s hands!

Observation Post

The Observation Post, an inside scoop on life on planet earth and other assorted ventures. Signup for my newsletter. It puts a little hope out there!