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The Amusement Park of Your Love

I paid my admission fair and square,

never knowing you would be there,

with ticket clutched in my strong hand,

saw your face, my feet turned quickly to sand.

I knew your eyes would be the ride of my life,

even having survived so much strife,

but when your lips bowed in gesture sublime,

I only hoped I would not run out of time.

For amusement park rides are notoriously scary,

my chartered map of you was not for the unwary,

but i wish to stake my life on this decree,

I must tell you — I love only thee.

There is certainly more to this story

our amusement park not mere allegory,

it is a time of dance and celebration,

I will kiss thee with much more elaboration.

So we come to the end of this line,

but for us it is the beginning of all time.

and although i think they came out fine

it is not at all easy to make these words rhyme




once upon a time there was
an ostrich and a Jew
and they inhabited
the same neighborhood

the Jew went about his business
working and divining with his god

the ostrich went about his business
ducking his head in the sand

one day the sheriff started
harassing the Jew
for no apparent reason

the ostrich observed this encounter
but since there did not seem to be
any physical harm
nothing to report so to speak
just some harmless name-calling
the ostrich stuck his head in the sand
a little longer that day

now the ostrich knew the Jew
as they had been neighbors
for many years
they had even broken bread together
on many occasions
they might even have been friends
as much as an ostrich and a jew
could be friends

but on this day the ostrich ostensibly
wondered if it was such a good idea
to be friends with the Jew
after all the sheriff would
not be harassing
his friend without reason

the next day the sheriff was back
and the verbal of yesterday
turned into some shoving an pushing
and blamed the Jew
for everything wrong in their little town

the ostrich pushed his head even deeper
into the sand

the day following
it seemed the Jew was missing
and no one in the neighborhood
knew where he had gone
the ostrich stuck his head
further into the sand
and stayed there for the rest
of the day


© 2024 LGjaffe


One Eyed Splendor

I see you with one eye because

my other eye is too busy confronting reality.

With my right eye I take in your grace and beauty

while my other eye is jaundiced by the man in rags

begging for food or drink and maybe work.


Then I see your smile working hard to get my attention

but when I watch the news about some drive by shooting

of children my attention is split

and now I have one eye crying

and the other smiling back at you


My life feels crossed as my eyes peel away

in opposite directions.

One eye wants to enjoy life and the other crying

because of it.


It splits me apart right down the middle

and it is not that I don’t love you

I just don’t know how to love life

when it looks at me this way.


I always keep one eye peeled for trouble

and the other aimed for pleasure.


My fingers fly across my keyboard

creating beauty in people’s lives

so undernourished by pain.

My one eye feeling the blemish

my other trying to be optimistic.


But when I see you lying

there in erotic slumber

I want to close my bad eye.

I want to close my bad eye

when I walk down the street

even if it is Beverly Hills

because behind that façade

of rich and famous

lies this empty rice bowl soul.


And I want to close my bad eye

because it cries so damn much

and on that side I am running out of tears

tears of submission tears of admission

tears of seduction tears of reduction

too many damn tears bleeding

from that damn eye.


While the other stays awake

doing crossword puzzles

and writing love songs

and perhaps dripping

a tear of joy now and then.


But things are way out of balance

my tear ducts are out of balance

my emotions no longer harmonious

I see shadows playing in darkness

and I wonder

if my good eye

has any tears to spare.