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What Is a Copywriter?

Copy is text or content that is written to promote or market a product, service, business, idea, opinion, person, etc. Its purpose is to induce the reader or listener to buy said product or service or agree with an idea, opinion, or person (as in political advertising). Thus, a copywriter writes copy. Pretty simple, huh?

My job is to induce, seduce entrance and romance your public. My job is to make them fall in love with you, your company, your product, or service. My job is to help your customers and prospects to better understand what you do. My job is to build a bridge between you and your public. That is my job! And I love doing it.

A Bit About Me

I have been a copywriter since I was 8 years old. My brother (Steven owns a marketing company in New York) and I used to rewrite commercials we heard on television and radio to fit our twisted little minds.  This is how we launched our careers. From there we went to selling our toys from our front porch and would write ads to help promote our little store. I am not sure mom and dad were especially happy to see our prized possessions getting minimum dollars, but we had fun.

I have spent many years working in technology from consumer and professional audio to the high-tech arena. I specialize in what I call personal corporate communications. I like to imbue life in what I write, especially newsletters, blogs, web content and social media postings. I want to provide your public with an inside look at your business and profession and can do that with whitepapers and case studies. If you want me to write hype then I am not your man, I like providing knowledge and help to your customers and prospects so that they can make informed decisions. I like to cultivate your prospects, inducing them to buy because of excellent service as opposed to hyping them with sales pitches. Like I said, I am building a bridge between you and your field.

I also have hands on experience in the food and nutrition sector having not only written extensively about supplements, organic foods, sustainable living, etc., but I have run both a natural foods restaurant and health food store.

I love to write and put passion in every word, in every sentence, in every paragraph and page. Should I work for you, I promise you one thing – I don’t leave anything on the table. I write with my heart; I write from the soul – from the very core of my being. All with the purpose of you and your business flourishing and prospering.