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Month: January 2023

Soul Free

In Honor of Human Trafficking Day & Month
I am not a slave.
I do not need
to be freed
to be free.
– No one can own a soul.
I am not a slave.
Why should
I be shackled
to the name
of my keepers?
I am not a slave.
I cannot be
owned, rented
or leased.
I am not goods
or chattel.
I am not a slave.
I will not be
or stereotyped
by Hollywood
or my own fears.
I am not a slave.
I will challenge
my tears
pledge allegiance
to the people
for which I stand.
– No one can own a soul that knows it is free.

The Very Action of Be


Granting of beingness
Is not just a pose
It is life itself

Poured from sacred hearts
It is instant combustion
Of one to another

It is the ultimate validation
Of supreme existence


It is the Holiest
Of Holy

Go about your business
But remember to

Grant, Give, Confer, Award, Bestow

The very existence of another
And their right to live
Survive and coexist

It is the Holiest
Of Holy


Promise Me This


Promise me this
That you will not
succumb to the
propaganda Machine

That you will not let
rhetoric rule your life

Promise me this
That you will look at every situation
objectively and not let emotions
cloud your judgments

This I ask of you
This I ask of myself

Lies are destructive
falsehoods tantamount
to treason

Promise me this
That you will
never be swayed
by someone else’s
emotional outbursts
they are like wildfire
and bullets

Promise me this
That you will be
kind to yourself
and others

© 2023 LGjaffe

The Friend

My childhood was nothing to talk about
filled with clouds of introspection
and faulty wishes without backbone
I felt small and insignificant.
I wanted to be tall
standing up for myself
not stand out in the crowd
find me through the noise.
There were dreams I forgot to dream
and relevances I found irrelevant
I needed to detach my roots
from the soil of my birth.
-O Joy – O Joy – Life consumes time
and the friend I always sought
stared back at me from the mirror.
© 2023 LGjaffe